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What are the AEGEE-Academy Events about?

Activities organised by the AEEGEE-Academy foster the knowledge management in AEGEE. By means of various training events, the Academy strives to transfer skills, knowledge and experience to the next generations of AEGEE members. The events focus on a choice of themes and topics, including Project Management, Public Relations, Fund Raising and others. Participants of the trainings get the opportunity to understand the mechanisms on basis of which AEGEE and other NGO’s operate.
Various training methods, including case studies, workshops and other interactive assignments, create the perfect environment for fast knowledge absorption among the trainees.


For whom?

Our internal education activities are dedicated to motivated AEGEE members who wish to understand the nature of AEGEE and the nature of European integration and co-operation. Participation in out trainings gives them a chance to meet people with various cultural backgrounds, work on their self-development, tackle challenging tasks together with them, face and solve the usual small conflicts and misunderstandings and, by that, gain new friends from all over Europe.


Events offered by the AEGEE-Academy:


European Schools


Trainings for trainers


Mini-European Schools (Mini-ES)

Mini-Es are short training courses (3 nights-long event including 20 hours of training). They include short versions of the European Schools (for example, a mini-TNT or a mini-FRES) as well as more specific topics.