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Why you should apply at a glance:

Make AEGEE more professional

Train what you want to train

Constant self-development

AEGEE-Academy welcomes new members in our trainers’ pool; fresh and not so fresh trainers, that would like to be part of our network. As a new trainer in AEGEE-Academy you can get a mentor, that will guide you in your trainer’s path. In the AEGEE-Academy mailing list, where we communicate, there are many open calls for different events and you can contribute by applying to these events as a trainer. We get open calls for AEGEE-Academy events (ES1, ES2, T4T, HRES, PRES, FRES …), open calls for AEGEE local events (RTC, LTC, SU) and open calls from other partner organisations. You are also welcome to give feedback to the work of AEGEE-Academy and propose new ideas regarding non-formal education in AEGEE. Our trainers receive exclusive open calls for trainers from both within AEGEE and our partner organisations and always receive a reimbursement for their travel expenses for the events where they’re providing a training experience!

Since the level of knowledge and skills is quite different among trainers in our training pool, we recognise 4 different phases of trainers in order to motivate less experienced trainers to develop and show appreciation to the more experienced trainers we have. Trainers in AEGEE-Academy go through 4 different phases: candidate trainers, junior trainers, trainers and alumni. Details for each phase can be found here. After you submit your application, it will take a few days for our board to review it and decide on your trainer phase. Note, that we only accept AEGEE members in our trainers’ pool (so find your nearest local and apply now!).

Want to inform yourself better?

You can just join one of our trainings that we give in various AEGEE events. Or just drop us an email!

Your way to become a trainer

You have to be a member of an aegee antenna. If you are not just yet, check which city closest to you has an AEGEE-Antenna.

If you already know who we are and what we do, fill out the application form underneath.

Wait till we get back to you. Together we discuss how we can help you to explore the full benefit AEGEE-Academy can offer you e.g. by having a mentor

We are looking forward for your application!