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Education is the passport to the future., a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army., not preparation of life. Education is life itself.


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What is the AEGEE-Academy

AEGEE-Academy is a group of young, motivated trainers from all over Europe.

We are the official pool of trainers of AEGEE-Europe, aiming to provide high quality non-formal learning experiences that facilitate the self-development of our training participants.

We are specialized in many topics, varying from soft skill workshops to practical training courses, all targeting the world of non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship.


What do we offer exactly?

Non-Formal Education

We have many cool trainings online and offline. Go as a trainer or participant and develope your self

A way towards your goals

Whatever you want to learn, we have a seminar, workshop or training for you!

Bright new ideas

With our working structure you can come up with your own idea and we will find a way to make it happen

The Academy

The trainers

We are around 60 certified trainers. Each of us comes from another part of Europe and has a specialization.
This could be for example HR, Time Management, Project Management and a range of various other skills.

Current board

The board is responsible for organizing training events, recruiting new trainers, applying for funds and take care of the Academy.

Our structure

The academy has a sophisticated structure which ensures an efficient working format within the academy as well as the trainers.

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